New Tyres

Tyre King are tyre specialists, and we know just which tyres are best for any vehicle, in any conditions.

Choose Tyre King for a range of new tyres from the leading brands. We offer unbeatable prices and an expert, professional service. We also offer a speedy tyre fitting service, ensuring your new tyres perform as effectively as possible, as soon as possible.

When choosing new tyres, Tyre King can offer a valuable insight into buying the correct tyres and how to increase their effectiveness.

For example, we know that the front tyres on a front wheel drive vehicle will wear out before those at the back. Even simple things such as using new tyres on the wrong axels can lead to decreased braking power and traction, especially on wet surfaces.

If you are looking for new tyres and would like to benefit from our deep understanding and knowledge of tyres, let Tyre King help you choose. Contact us today!

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Used/ Part Worn Tyres

If you are looking for the best deal on tyres but don’t want to pay over the odds, then used tyres are ideal. Our used tyres are all pressured tested and are 5m thread. Used tyres offer great performance at a fraction of the cost of new tyres, and are perfect for spares.

We stock only the highest quality used tyres, ensuring that they adhere to our strict specifications to offer you bargain used tyres which will meet your expectations of performance and reliability.

We range from 10″ to 24″ tyres and mostly all branded including winter & summer thread.

  • From 10″ to 24″
  • 4×4 Tyres
  • Commercial also supplied
  • All pressure tested
  • All guaranteed
  • 5m plus